The latest paintings are drenched in a very thick layer of high gloss yellow paint that  is poured over the surface and seems to the viewer , to still be in motion.  Guy feels that the painting begins early on, with the formation of the ground which is honeycomb cardboard and provides a sturdy surface with smooth areas and evidence of prior use like maybe gobs of glue , tears and holes with pieces of aluminum, etc.  Sometimes the ground for a new painting is a finished earlier painting, he feels that there is always a movement forward.  “ …the only way a painting is finished, is when it is no longer in my possession.”   Even though it may be ultimately covered in the yellow paint, the ground retains the energy of earlier use. Aluminum tooling foil is added and removed for color and reflecting light, adding more dimension and replacing the use of images.  All of the energy seems to be trapped there by the slow moving surface paint, almost like an insect trapped in amber.

These works reflect the year of covid 19, when all that we knew changed.  All familiar images were altered.  We are left dazed by the shocking yellow color and lack of familiar images. later on in this series starts the emergence of flowers offering the viewer comfort with a familiar image.